Frugal  and Non-Consumer...They Just Go Together Like...

CAKE and ICE CREAM … PEACHES and CREAM … Over the years, I’ve baked frugal cakes and made homemade ice cream. I’ve raised peaches and skimmed cream and I’ve learned to live a fairly thrifty life style by becoming more of a non-consumer.

Back in the early 90’s, I started publishing a subscription newsletter called The Non-Consumers Digest. I mailed this out to a small group of fellow tightwads from December of ‘92 to September of ’94 and then decided that I couldn’t afford to keep losing money to the post office and my printer.

Because of my experience with the Digest, I continued to follow the frugality movement, reading books, collecting thrifty tips and trying out new things to save a penny or two.

My wife, Bev, and I raised 2 strapping young men on a limited budget. They ate breakfast every morning before leaving for school and went on to graduate at the top of their class; both healthy and both with a strong work ethic. If they wanted something extra, they worked and saved.

I revived the Digest in ’99 as a weekly ezine after I discovered the web. That continued in various forms until ’06 and now I’m consolidating all of my accumulated knowledge and contacts into a place where you can find suggestions or tips or maybe even answers across the wide range of areas that need constant care in today’s world.

No matter what your primary field of interest, I’d like to invite you along on this journey to becoming a better (non) consumer. Just follow the links to your desired destination.

Knight, (aka K.C.)