A Brief Biography

I am a retired 64 year old native Idaho resident. I live in a small community of about 125 folks called King Hill. We're so small that we don't even have a gas station or grocery store.

I serve as the Chairman of our domestic water association and hold a class 1 operators license as a drinking water operator.

I also serve as a Commissioner for the Elmore County Planning and Zoning Commission.

And another hat that I wear is as the Chairman of the Western Organization of Resource Councils: The Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC) is a multi-state network of seven grassroots community organizations that include 10,000 members and 45 local chapters in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Besides being retired, I am the author of The Non-Consumers Digest. I also do freelance writing and have been published in such varied magazines as The Mother Earth News and Computer Edge Magazine. I am currently working on publishing a series of e-Books based on my Non-Consumers Digest

The Non-Consumers Digest started life as a local newspaper column called "An Easier Way", back in 1990. It soon became "Another Way", which became an 8 page monthly subscription newsletter. I published the Digest from December, 1992 thru September 1994.

After learning to surf the net I decided to try my hand at doing an E-zine type newsletter. The Digest was then published weekly from May 1999 to April, 2006.

I also do carvings from deer and elk antler under the business name Knight's Crafts.

These are primarily small (less than 2 inch) animal heads that can be worn as a hat pin, tie-tac or broach. I have recently started doing larger pieces that combine woodwork with my carvings, like book ends and wine racks.

I first began carving elk antlers back in the mid eighties as a hobby. After getting married in 1987, I dropped the carving for the more important job of raising a family, and then picked it up again in 2003. I’ve been carving fairly steady now for the past 6 years.

Although self-taught as far as carving goes, I have had a small amount of formal training in art: 2 semesters of painting, 2 semesters of pottery and 1 semester of silver-smithing back in my college days. Besides carving antlers, I have also done some wood carving for walking sticks and walking staffs.

I have also started working with a wood lathe that I got for Christmas and have been creating a lot of garden dibbles from Apricot, Black Walnut and Russian Olive.

My background also includes making my living as a business machine repairman, a framing carpenter, doing concrete work, taxi driver, change person in a Reno casino, computer operator/programmer, painter, truck driver and as the head of Maintenance for a circuit board manufacturer (amongst other things).

I spent 3 years with the U.S. Navy and 22 years with the U.S. Army Reserve, ending my career as an instructor in Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Operations.

I ran my own handy-man business called Odd Jobs Unlimited for 5 years doing almost everything imaginable around a lot of homes. I built our own home; one nail at a time, (it only took 7 years) and I’m retired from an irrigation district as a 'ditch rider/pump maintenance/computer operator'.

I guess you could call me a jack- of-all-trades.

Knight C Duerig (my friends call me K.C.)
PO Box 403
King Hill, ID 83633

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