What to Do With Free Grocery Food Coupons

If you goggle "free grocery food coupons", you'll come up with over a million hits, so I won't re-invent the wheel by setting up a site for you to peruse for the coupons you need.

As food for thought though, if you subscribe to a newspaper that delivers on Sunday, then you know that there are always a lot of coupons. Most of which you probably won't use, but maybe you can turn them into cash.

Go to eBay and search "coupon" in all categories and you'll get about 25,000 results. Now look at the categories on the left side of the page and find the area you're interested in, such as pet supplies. Again, look to the left to refine your search.

If you look through these categories, you are going to get some ideas on what might sell, which can guide you in your collection of "useless" free grocery food coupons.

You'll notice the following statement on a lot of the offers: "You are not bidding on the coupons but my time to collect, list and ship them to you." It's not required, but I would recommend using something like it on your offers.

Now you have an idea of what can be done with all of those free coupons that you get, not only in the Sunday paper, but in the mail. My Dad always gives us the coupons for Costco that he gets in the mail. For some reason, we don't get them, even though we have a membership.

Some folks might want to take advantage of a certain coupon more than once, without have access to multiple copies, so there is a potential sale.

Some folks might want to share a certain coupon with friends who don't take the paper.

Some folks might want to stockpile while the price is right.

There are a lot of reasons folks will buy coupons on eBay, so now you know there's a market and a way to earn a little extra from home from your free grocery food coupons.

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